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At InnerSense Therapeutic Counselling, I offer integrative talking therapy to help you navigate through life's challenges. My goal is to create a safe, supportive and confidential space where you can explore your inner thoughts and emotions and create your own design for living. Whether you prefer online video call sessions or face to face sessions in your own home, I am here to guide you towards inner healing and self-discovery.

About me

I am dedicated to providing high-quality therapeutic services to individuals seeking emotional support and understanding. I am an experienced therapist and committed to creating a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space for you to explore your inner world and work towards positive change. I believe in the power of integrative talking therapy, even though Person Centered Therapy is my primary modality, to promote emotional well-being and personal growth.


A final note from me;

This really resonated with me.....

Do you feel more comfortable thinking that somebody has the “perfect” life and that they’ve got life sorted, or is it more comforting to know that they deal with the same stuff as you but find ways to wade through the mud?

I know that through conversations with some of my clients and colleagues that there are many who believe Therapists are part of the former (including many therapists themselves!)

It’s something I’m keen to address to break down certain stereotypes around therapy to make people less wary of the process and for Therapists to give themselves a break from feeling like they should be a certain way.

I’ve written a new poem to broach the subject and hope it gets the point across that Therapists are the same as anyone but with a great set of skills and personal experience to help you through difficult times.

Here I am

Here I am, a Therapist sat opposite your chair
I wonder how you’d feel about the fact that I’ve sat there?
I too have been The Client who has worked through grief and pain
In fact I still sit in your chair when old wounds hurt again

Here I am, your Therapist, I soothe and calm your fears
But sometimes I feel guilty when I still cry my own tears
When sometimes I still need someone to help me understand
That I don’t have all the answers, sometimes need a helping hand

Here I am, a Therapist who sometimes feels alone
My job, it sometimes stops me from just picking up the phone
From telling friends and family that I don’t feel okay
I get too busy caring and this job gets in the way

I worry if I tell them then I’ve failed in what I do
They’ll think I cannot help myself so how can I help you
And whilst I have great knowledge, many skills to help me through
I’m human first so there are times I still don’t have a clue

Therapists we may be but I feel it’s time to say
That firstly we ARE humans, we’re NOT perfect, that’s ok
We do not need perfection to be good at what we do
Accept your imperfections, after all they’re what made YOU

So here I am, a Therapist, I cry and struggle too
And when I fail, I learn and that is how I now help you
I don’t regret my past, it’s taught me everything I know
I may not be so perfect but can still help you to grow.

Copyright Samantha Lee 2020


Online Video Call Sessions

Experience the convenience of therapy from the comfort of your own space through my online video call sessions using WhatsApp video calls which are end to end encrypted, so completely confidential. As your therapist I will help you to explore and understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do and together discover a new way of being.

In-Home Face to Face Sessions

For those in need of a more personal touch, I maybe able to offer you face to face sessions in the comfort of your own home, given your individual circumstances. As your therapist I will ensure a confidential and professional environment for your therapy sessions.

Integrative Talking Therapy

My integrative talking therapy approach combines various therapeutic techniques to create  personalised sessions to suit your unique needs and promotes self discovery to enable you to design your own way of reaching your full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by contacting me through my website, giving me a call or messaging me. I will assist you in finding a suitable time for your session which will be flexible to suit your needs.

What can I expect during a therapy session?

During a therapy session, you can expect a compassionate, supportive and confidential environment where you can openly discuss your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I will actively listen to you and help to guide the conversation so that you gain insights and develop realistic coping strategies to take your life in a forward direction.

Is online therapy as effective as in-person sessions?

Yes, research has shown that online therapy can be as effective as in-person sessions. I started video calls during COVID19 with some scepticism, concerned that the same level of the Therapeutic Relationship may be effected.  However, I was blown away as to how highly effective this way of working has been, especially, the ability to still create the deep relationship which I believe is essential for Talking Therapy to be effective. I now have a high level of experience to provide the same level of support and guidance through online video call sessions.

How do I pay for Sessions?

You can pay by Bank Transfer, even by PayPal.  In the case of visits, I accept Cash.


“InnerSense Therapeutic Counselling has been a life-changing experience for me. The therapist provided a warm and empathetic environment, allowing me to open up and work through my issues. I am grateful for the positive changes it has brought to my life.”


If you wish me to give you a call, please ask and include a contact number, mobile or landline in your message.

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Reach out to me today to start your journey towards a new way of living. I am here to support you every step of the way.  Please free to either call or text me on my mobile number 07412 160166 or simply complete the form above and press submit.


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